September Heart
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In this video, Woodstock artist September Heart shares her own encaustic wax technique with us as she creates a work in progress.

Encaustics mean to burn in. A paint made from pigment, melted beeswax resin and after the application fixed by heat.

This was practiced by the Greek artists in the 5th century BC. Wax is an excellent preservative which the Greeks used to coat their ships. The wax is heated to 150-200 degree palette and applied with brushes to the artwork. Propane torches, heat guns and irons are necessary to fuse the wax between layers. The wax gives the surface a rich optical effect and a durability that other paints do not.

Encaustics can be applied to wood, masonite, metal and ceramics and many other surfaces. Because of the adherent quality it works well with collage materials. The wax can be built up thickly, as well as being carved. It sets in moments.

Jasper Johns, a well known artist in the 50's was the first artist to put encaustic on the map. In Mexico in the 20's, Diego Rivera used encaustic for easel paintings and murals.